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25/75% profit sharing

I trade but you get profit. Investors only pay me for trading

$5000 initial deposit

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Since March 11, 2015

I have a lot of profitable ideas and I wish to actualize it.

20% to partners

Attracting investors is a good business without investing.

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Useful PAMM description

PAMM inveting system is a trading account managed by PAMM manager and included of investors' funds and manager's funds.

Investors pay reward to manager for trading. Furthermore, trader is also an investor that gets profit share.

Profits and losses are deviding between all participants according to the % shares.

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Strategy description

Money management. No more than 5% risk for 1 trade during the normal conditions.

Analysis base. Technical analysis, not aggressive trading. The base is chart patterns, Elliot impulse wave and trend trading.

Additional tools. Fibonacci tools. RSI indicator.


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